Helena Coaching Landing

Coaching Leaders and Teams

Transforming Cultures

I’m Helena, a professional certified coach.
My mission is to help people and organizations develop, grow and change.
I find it very powerful and rewarding when someone desiring to be better – or happier – succeeds. Being part of that transformation is meaningful to me.

My academic background is rooted in social and organizational psychology.
My work experience comes from the fields of organizational development, human resources, leadership training, and group facilitation.

Some of my most purposeful and interesting coaching work continues to be in the areas of neurodiversity, emotional intelligence, engagement, leadership, and succession.
About half of my coaching work is individual, the other half involves groups and teams, often cross-cultural, indigenous, as well as international.

When I coach, I listen deeply, I strive to free myself from assumptions and judgements and truly seek to understand how my clients experience the world.
With that presence, trusting the coaching process, goals can be reached, and sustainable change becomes possible.

I help people and organizations develop, grow and change.

Helena Coaching